Who are we?


Vert Bordeaux is an eco-friendly excursion agency based in (you guessed it!) Bordeaux. We offer half day and full day trips from Bordeaux to the Bassin d’Arcachon, Saint-Emilion and the Entre-Deux-Mers.

Our objective is simple: to help you discover the Gironde, its diversity and complexity. No question of spending a whole day tasting wine! What we want to do is to give you a global overview of each territory we visit: old stones, local products, natural spaces, meetings with craftsmen or producers… So that you don’t miss anything! And of course, all of this will be accompanied by convivial moments to be shared in small groups (8 maximum) with your guide-driver Emmanuel.

Because there is something for every agenda, every taste and every budget, we also offer walking tours of Bordeaux, where history and gastronomy have a special place !

Vert Bordeaux in short :

Original tours

Small group

3 visit/excursion lengths


Green friendly



Emmanuel was born in Bordeaux. He spent several years in Paris and abroad before coming back to Bordeaux in 2019. Founder, tour guide and driver of Vert Bordeaux, he loves history, cinema, sweet specialities and going out to explore territories (in Gironde or elsewhere)! He is also very sensitive to ecology and environmental issues and tries to do his best on a daily basis to contribute to the change of consumption habits and the preservation of the environment. For him, guiding and accompanying travellers means giving them the keys to understanding what they see, ensuring their comfort and above all having a memorable time that we will talk about on winter evenings !

Emmanuel in…

  • 1 historic monument in Gironde: the Pont de Pierre in Bordeaux, for the view it offers over the Garonne and the city’s quays, each time different.
  • 1 natural site in Gironde: the Garonne, wide, muddy, capricious and unflappable.
  • 1 travel souvenir: the High Mountain Archaeology Museum in Salta, Argentina, with its Inca funerary objects and mummies found at an altitude of over 5000 metres. A journey through time.
  • 1 dish he can’t get enough of: french crêpes, preferably dozens of them, with Noisettines du Médoc spread, homemade jams and Périgord honey.
  • 1 saying: “Only those who do nothing are never wrong”.
  • 1 daily ecological gesture: buy in bulk with your own containers.


Sarah, from Avignon, has swapped the cicadas for the sea spray of the coast after a few foreign trips and a few years in Paris. Attentive and committed, she will answer all your questions by phone, email or carrier pigeon and will prepare your tours with care. For her, the satisfaction of the clients is essential for them to leave with stars in their eyes !

Sarah in…

  • 1 historical monument in Gironde: the Sauve-Majeure Abbey and its misty and mysterious atmosphere.
  • 1 natural site in Gironde: the Leyre delta hidden at the bottom of the Bay of Arcachon.
  • 1 travel souvenir: chocolatines found with emotion in the depths of Chile, in the middle of the Atacama desert.
  • 1 dish she can’t get enough of: one that puts seasonal, organic and local vegetables at the centre of the plate.
  • 1 saying: “who better than us”..
  • 1 daily ecological gesture: a reusable water bottle and a bento.