Our approach


The idea of Vert Bordeaux came to us during a trip to South America and more precisely during a trip to the north of Peru by minivan. We realised that this way of exploring the countryside from a city was very practical: no need to rent a car, saving time, explanations from the guide, meeting other tourists, sharing and nothing to think about except: enjoy!
Back in France, we wanted to create an agency that would be like us, and take visitors on day trips from Bordeaux. Two principles quickly structured our project.
Firstly, to offer tours that combine heritage, nature, gastronomy, craftsmanship… in short, multi-themed tours. Why do we do this? Because at Vert Bordeaux we love everything! Walks in the forest, climbing to the top of a medieval dungeon, tasting a speciality in the afternoon, sitting around a table with a good bottle and sharing a moment with a local. And above all we wanted to commit our company to an eco-responsible approach. We are already making efforts to consume less and better in our daily lives, so it seemed obvious to us that our tours, and more generally our way of working, should also be in line with this spirit.


Tourism is nowadays one of the most devastating activities for our planet, so it is urgent to propose concrete solutions to people to go on holiday in a virtuous way. We do our utmost to make our tours sustainable, both in the management of the company and in the content of our offers. At Vert Bordeaux we do not “reconnect people to nature”, we practice a pragmatic and daily ecology, which we know can be improved but which we are convinced is well founded. In concrete terms: each partner and service provider is chosen according to their environmental commitments and all expenditure is chosen to have the lowest possible carbon impact.


During your tour

  • You will eat organic, or local, or seasonal, and even all three at the same time if possible.
  • You will discover the full potential of biodynamic, organic and natural wines.
  • No single-use plastic on our tours, we are very careful about the waste we produce.
  • You will meet local and committed craftsmen, respectful of the know-how.
  • We will discuss environmental issues in Gironde.

At the agency

  • We are financed by the NEF. NEF is a solidarity bank, the most ethical in France. NEF only finances projects with cultural, social or environmental value.
  • Our statutes and our business plan are part of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE). We are committed to contributing to sustainable development and cultural promotion.
  • Our governance is transparent and democratic.
  • This website is eco-designed. Created by Clic Vert, it is light and is hosted on a server powered by green energy (necessary source). Its carbon footprint is low.
  • We communicate on recycled paper (flyers, business cards…), using vegetable inks, and our font is low in ink.
  • Our crowdfunding campaign is made on the platform jadopteunprojet.com which only hosts projects with environmental or social value and located in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.
  • The electronic equipment we needed was bought second-hand: camera, laptop, hard drive… Ecological and economical.